Flight Tower Productions - the Journey

Music for me has been a journey. One born of love, determination, and magic... well magic moments anyway. Flight Tower Productions is the roof covering our current iteration of artists; a roundhouse of talented musicians, some new and some that I have been fortunate to work with over many years. From copy bands, to original music, mostly in the classic rock, blues and soul genres with side trips to most all types of music from country to classical. 

Music like life has its ups and downs, prima-donnas and clowns. I would be remiss if I did not give a nod to Flight 19 a classic rock copy band consisting of friends with nearly a twenty year history with the same people in the line up. Well except the drummer. We are on number 7 or 8 now. What is it with drummers anyway? That is where I cut my teeth in the Sacramento music scene with friends of all different backgrounds that were drawn together for many reasons but the main the main reason was music. Flight 19 is still rocking to this day. 

The driving force is love of playing, the moments when you get in the pocket with other musicians. it does not matter the level of player; we are not music snobs and if we could we would play music to the exclusion of most every thing else in life if that were possible. 

But like life things change. People float in and out of your life and as much as you may not want to you have to make your own way. Taking a positive view, as I like to do, Change brings good things if you are willing to get out of your musical  box. Which brings us to the production portion of Flight Tower Productions. This is the follow your dreams, your dream job, if you love your job it is not work.... all those euphemisms that go with gutting up and chasing the rainbow. Producing the music from artists in a ever growing circle of musicians that have graced my life is the passion behind the production company. Good fortune has seen the project grow to include live shows and event productions. Hopefully it will Keep me busy for many years.

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